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A beautiful, calm, happy and friendly dog. It gets on well with children and seeks human companionship. It makes a good guard dog and is easy to train.

It is a dog with a height of 58 to 68 cm and a weight of 40 to 44 kg (the female is smaller than the male). It has a strong, broad head with a straight muzzle and triangular hanging ears. It has a long bushy tail. The coat is abundant, dense, long, straight or slightly wavy. The colour is black with brown markings on the forehead and legs and white on the chest, face mask and feet.

This is a dog that has learned to live in cold climates. Because of its size, it needs training. Special attention must be paid to its diet so that it does not gain too much weight, and because it is an active dog, it needs daily exercise.

Its ancestors appeared about 2 millennia ago. It was on the verge of extinction, but with the concerted efforts of Swiss breeders it evolved into four breeds (Bernese, Edlebuch, Appenzell and Swiss Mountain Dog). Although popular in its homeland for its use as a herding dog, the rest of the world came to know it as a beloved pet.



Physical Description

What you should know before getting a Bernese Mountain Dog 


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