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A calm, friendly and protective dog, it loves its owner too much and will do anything to be with him. It is an intelligent dog and although it is not a fighter, it can defend its owner. It is a happy dog and gets on well with the children in the family

It is a strange-looking dog whose height varies from 55 to 61 cm and its weight from 30 to 40 kg, the female being slightly smaller than the male. The head is square with a strong muzzle, the ears are small and close to the head. The tail is "cut off at the root". It has a swaying gait, abundant, dense tufted hair in all shades of grey, while the head, neck, belly and forelegs are white, with or without markings.

Because it has long hair, it needs to be brushed daily and professionally groomed 2-3 times a year. It needs the love, care and affection of the family. It is an intelligent and obedient dog and with proper training will make a very good companion. It needs daily exercise and this takes time.

This breed, strange as it may seem in its present qualities as a companion and show dog, was useful in guarding and defending herds, both sheep and cattle, and also in leading these herds to market.




What you should know before getting a Bobtail


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