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It is an elegant dog with a height of 51 to 62 cm and a weight of 18 to 30 kg (the female is smaller than the male). It has a narrow, slender head with a flat, broad skull. The eyes are almond-shaped, dark brown or blue.
The ears are small and tilted forward. It has a long tufted tail that ends in white. The coat is long and coarse, the undercoat is soft and dense, while the face and ear tips are short. The colours are either white combined with shades of pale gold to dark red, or blue-black with brown, or tricolour (black, white, yellow).
There is also the short-haired Collie, which differs from the longhaired Collie only in having a medium length coat.

The Collie is a friendly, sensitive and intelligent dog that bonds with the family and especially with children, whom it loves to accompany in their games. It is easily trained and can offer its services to people with special needs. It is a good companion and an ideal guardian for children. It can sleep outside the house. Its coat needs brushing as it has bristles. It does not require a large amount of food. It can adapt to apartment living as long as it gets a daily walk and exercise.

He is a descendant of a very old breed from the Highlands of Scotland and the North of England, originally used to guard and drive sheep. Over the years, after Queen Victoria took a special interest in him, he evolved into the elegant dog we all know and love. Even today, many people still call him "Lassie" after his name as the star of the popular TV series, and he has become a much-loved pet.



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