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The animal has a soft, straight coat. The hard coat has a rough topcoat and a softer undercoat. Its clipping for shows is complex. The small, piercing eyes are set fairly close together. The V-shaped ears are folded forward so that the ear tips hang close to the cheeks. The tail (which is sometimes clipped) is carried high. The feet are thick. The skeleton is strong and muscular, with rounded sides and a short, flat back.

The two breeds, Hardhair and Sorrel, are of old British stock and have few differences apart from their coats. They are probably descended from dogs used for fox hunting in the early 19th century.

The Hard-Haired Terrier's beard accentuates the square muzzle, which is considered its distinguishing feature. Richly sculpted eyebrows give a fierce look. It needs strict discipline in the field, where it finds every movement interesting. The Leopard is a simple, stocky breed and is generally less lively. However, both breeds are robust and enjoy exercise.

A descendant of the English Bulldog, it was crossed in France with other "toy" breeds to create the much-loved French Bulldog used at the Court of Paris in the 19th century.



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