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He is a happy, intelligent, loyal and obedient dog, devoted to his owner and family. He gets along with other pets and if he feels threatened he will defend himself with barks and bites. It is easily trained.

In these small dogs (Maltese Minis), the height ranges from 20 to 25 cm and they weigh from 3 to 4 kg. The pure white coat is very long over the entire body, completely straight and lacking undercoat. The ears hang straight, close to the sides of the head.

Small in size, with a somewhat long body. Covered with a very long white coat, it is very elegant and has a proud and distinctive head.

Although the Maltese owes its name to Malta, it is not certain that it first appeared there.The Maltese is a very old breed that has appeared in ancient times in Egypt and Greece. It was much loved at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. It was used to hunt rodents in the seaside towns of the Mediterranean.

Predisposed to sunburns from sun exposure, skin, respiratory, eye and tooth problems and thigh problems. Some may be difficult to feed due to weak digestion. They may catch colds easily and do not feel well in hot weather. Maltese should be kept away from moisture.
Exercise of a Maltese
Maltese need a daily walk.
The toy will satisfy much of their need for exercise, but as with all breeds, the toy will not satisfy their basic instinct to go outside. Dogs that do not walk daily will develop behavioural problems. They remain playful well into old age.
Maltese are very active in the house.
Life expectancy of a Maltese
About 15 years or more. Can live to 18, but it is important to keep them away from damp.
Grooming a Maltese
Daily detangling and brushing is important, but be gentle as the coat is very soft. Clean the eyes daily to prevent redness and the underbelly after each meal for the same reason. Clean the ears and pull out any hair that grows in the ear canal. The hair on the head is often tied up to keep it out of the eyes.
The Maltese pulls little or no hair.
What you should know before getting a Maltese
The Maltese is a very affectionate breed.
They need daily cleaning of their eyes and ears, while their coat needs brushing and frequent shampooing. It has adapted to city life and needs to sleep indoors. It suffers from high heat and humidity. It needs a moderate amount of food and moderate exercise.




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Health Problems

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