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The Miniature Pinscher is a small dog, with a height ranging from 25 to 30.5 cm and weight between 3 to 6 kg. It has a slender and elongated head with dark eyes.
The ears start high and may be erect or folded, while the tail is often docked. The Miniature Pinscher has a smooth, dense, and shiny coat that comes in different shades of brown or black, along with some red or brown.

This breed of dogs is lively, intelligent, brave and loyal. They make great companions. They are affectionate towards family and enjoy playing with children. They are cautious around strangers and can live peacefully with other pets.

Requires early socialization and can be trained easily. He enjoys being around people and actively seeks their company. He can easily adapt to new environments and prefers to sleep inside the house. Requires a small amount of food and needs daily exercise, which can be achieved through indoor play and daily walks.

When it was discovered that the smaller Pinscher puppies could not only survive but were also lively and intelligent, breeders attempted to produce small Pinschers through selective breeding. Over time, the Miniature Pinscher was identified as a separate breed and became extremely popular.




What you should know before getting a Pinscher


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