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This breed is classified as a small dog, reaching 25-27 cm in height and weighing 5-7 kg. The breed is characterized by a broad and round head, with large, long, pendulous ears covered in fur. The eyes are spaced apart, large, and round with a dark colour. The tail is tufted and curls back towards the body.
The long and dense coat around the head and ears is particularly abundant, forming a "chrysanthemum". It can be of any color, but ideally it has a white mask on its face and a white tip on its tail.

This dog is lively and intelligent. Despite its size, it is assertive and defends its space; it enjoys human companionship and is an ideal playmate for children due to its patience and obedience. The dog does not bark without reason, is easily trained, and is loyal and faithful.
Things to know before adopting a Shih Josh: This breed is independent, therefore requires puppy training and needs to learn who the "leader" is so as not to misbehave. This breed requires daily brushing and professional grooming two to three times a year.
Despite having a rich and lengthy coat, this breed does not shed excessively. This breed is adaptable to city life and sleeps indoors. The dog requires a small amount of food and a brief walk for daily exercise. The dog dislikes high temperatures and prefers living indoors.

 The Sikh Joo, a descendant of the sacred dogs of Tibetan monasteries that used to ward off evil spirits, is one of the most popular small pets today.
Its golden colour made it popular in China where it is believed to have crossed with sacred Chinese breeds, resulting in the modern-day Sikh Joo. It arrived in Europe during the interwar period.





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