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This breed of dog is small, measuring between 23 to 29 centimeters in height, with a small, triangular head. The breed's ears are small, triangular, short, pointed and erect. They have dark, slightly slanted eyes.
The breed is characterized by a tufted tail and a rich mane around its neck. The breed has a double coat, consisting of a long, straight outer coat and a short, dense undercoat.
The breed's common coat colours include black, brown, white, orange and grey. The Spitz breed comes in several sizes based on their height classification. These include the Wolf Spitz (43-55 cm), Large Spitz (42-50 cm), Medium Spitz (30-38 cm), and Miniature Spitz or Pomeranian Spitz (18-22 cm).

It is a loyal and intelligent dog that can be both obedient and spirited, as well as stubborn and independent at times. This breed may exhibit aggression towards other animals. The Spitz breed tends to be hesitant around strangers but affectionate towards family and older children.
Things to consider before adopting a Small Spitz include their ability to adapt to city life and their preference for sleeping indoors. The dog's coat is tangled and requires regular grooming. The dog requires only a small amount of food. It needs regular training and modest daily exercise.

This breed is a member of the large German Spitz family and is descended from the oldest breed in Central Europe. This breed is not only a good guard dog but also a great companion.





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