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Westies are a small yet robust breed of dogs with a broad chest for their size and well-developed ribs. They possess a straight back with strong muscular hindquarters that effectively display a combination of strength and energy.

Westies flaunt a double coat and always have a white colour. The outer coat is approximately 5 cm long and has a rough texture without any curls or waves. The undercoat is short, soft, and dense, with a texture resembling that of fur. Having only a single coat is not desirable.
When mowing, it is crucial to be careful because using a machine can damage both the texture and the quality of the coat, especially when used by someone not familiar with the breed.

The West Highland breed is an ideal choice for a family dog. The breed is known for its spiritedness, vivacity, intelligence, kindness, and cunning, which all together make it a truly lovable character.
It is an ideal dog breed for children, as it has long patience, albeit with limits. The breed has a balanced temperament without being boring and enjoys playing with its loved ones with full enthusiasm.
The West Highland breed's strong temperament makes it suitable for guarding and effectively warns of any intruder.
The West Highland terrier is a confident dog breed with a high level of energy and vitality.

Westies, although most Terriers can seem difficult and unruly dogs to novice owners, are a pleasant exception.
In any case, good socialization is essential for a harmonious symbiosis. He generally gets along well with other dogs and animals when he has been used to them from a young age, but he will not hesitate to take on even much older dogs if he feels that his territory is threatened.
Basic obedience training is an easy task even for a simple - but conscious - owner, for the sweet and small-sized Westie who learns willingly and easily.
This intelligent dog gets bored easily with constant repetition and therefore his training should be quite interesting with constant changes. A few minutes of frantic play in between helps him to concentrate better.
A dog suitable for... Those who are not bored of spending too much time with their dog and want a tireless companion on long walks, but also for families with children, whom he loves - when they treat him well.


Exterior Features of West Highland and Westie

Colour and Coat

Temperament and Behaviour


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